Step 1

On Illustration board, I produced a sketch that closely follows the original painting done by Cornelius Krieghoff


Step 2

After spraying the sketch with fix, and painting over the entire drawing with acrylic matt medium I begin painting in oil, the sky and working my way downward.



Step 3

When I copy a painting of another artist, such as in this exercise, I usually complete it from top to bottom. Each part is brought to a complete finish and then I move on to the next part.  When I paint my own original works the process is far more complicated and there are many more steps.  Copy work is easy, the original artist has done all the real work, all you have to do is follow. 


Continuing the process to completion.


The completed painting.

Much can be learned when copying the works of other artists, it is an age old tradition a great way to broaden your own skills and knowledge.