"Awan Royal Painter"   

32 x 40 inches, oil on canvas .

Featured in 'Ancient Egypt' Magazine December Issue

  Original Not For Sale (at this time) PRINT Available

“Imagination is greater than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.  

I carefully considered those words in the spring of 2008 as I stood looking at the blank canvas resting upon my studio easel. I had it in my imagination to paint a life sized portrait from head to mid thy of an ancient Egyptian artisan. The motivation for this project came from a life long fascination with Pharaonic Egypt and my admiration for the craftsmen who had dazzled my intellect and imagination with their colossal achievements. I wanted to put a face to the hands that had worked the stone, carved the relief’s, and painted the walls of the sacred tombs and temples of ancient Egypt.  Since the scene I sought to recreate faded from the world some 3100 years ago, I knew that knowledge of such things would be limited. Nevertheless, what is known I would gather to me and it would serve as grist for the boundless imagination.

Perhaps this may well have been what Einstein meant when he penned those words about imagination and knowledge . . .  what is known is always limited, imagination on the other hand allows one to peer beyond the veil of those limitations. Einstein demonstrated that the world of time and facts can be dramatically illuminated by imaginations insights. With that in mind I went to work upon the blank canvas.    

You will find the complete article written about Awan Royal Painter in the December 2009 / January 2010 issue of 'Ancient Egypt' magazine. Ask for it in a book store near you or click on the cover and order your copy direct from the publishers.